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Today's organizations operate in a dynamic, constantly transforming environment where landscapes often shift suddenly and unpredictably. The Governance Dynamics Institute is a professional resource organization which focuses on organizational dynamics as an evolutionary driver regarding business philosophy, policy, and practice. Our purpose is advocating for and providing support for this shift being holistically integrated to include and sustain the broad range of its constituents at all levels - individually, organizationally, and globally.

Our mission is to be a resource and forum providing information, education, and collaboration for interested citizens, businesses and other organizations. We actively pursue a philosophy and approach toward engagement with all stakeholders through Transparency, Integrity, Trust, and Shared Value. We understand organizations as Complex Adaptive Systems within which agents of successful adaptation to changing markets and competitive pressures must integrate and collaborate across a number of nested environments - environments in existence both within and external to the firm. We believe that long term sustainability requires a commitment and vigilance to shared awareness, shared contribution, and shared reward.

GDi hopes to provide a platform to inform and support constructive discussion regarding the evolution of capitalism toward more sustainable, inclusive, and consistently progressing economic systemics. We focus substantially around ideas of organization design, organizational learning, motivation and reward systems, and the progression of capitalism as an economic engine capable of providing higher levels of engagement, participation and benefit across a broad sweep of those constituencies directly involved in it.  We seek out resources that assist in uncovering and digging deeper into the layers of history, perspective, considerations, and driving factors that have brought us to where we are today, and offer them as credible resources to those who wish to engage in self-reflection, to exercise critical curiousity, and to take initiative in the pursuit of improvement in the means and conduct of organizations toward the Good. GDI offers a potential gathering place for emerging theory and practice on issues of organizational governance, especially as it relates to organizational dynamics and sustainability.

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The Governance Dynamics Institute is a tax exempt not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

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