An Economist Intelligence Unit Report
A Crisis of Culture: Valuing Ethics and Knowledge in Financial Services
Mar 01, 2014
A recent Economist Intelligence Unit Report, Sponsored by CFA Institute, examines the role of integrity, culture, and knowledge in restoring the reputation of the financial services industry and enhancing its resilience. Download the full report by Clicking Here

    Huffington Post
Hank Paulson on His New Documentary
Feb 04, 2014
Nell Minow
Paulson has updated his book, On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System and made the film Hank: Five Years from the Brink to explain what happened and, more important, to get people interested in making things better.

    Inside Counsel
Why diversity in the boardroom is good for business
Nov 21, 2013
Erin E. Harrison
Diversity in the boardroom goes far beyond filling quotas or creating a board that just looks good to the public — diverse boardroom composition is also good for business. For these perspectives about the boardroom, check out InsideCounsel’s coverage at the original story link below: Time Associate GC Helen Wan talks about her ‘unvarnished look’ at the legal industry7 worst practices GCs should avoidBoardroom dynamics: an insider’s view http://www.insidecounsel.com/2013/11/21/why-diversity-in-the-boardroom-is-good-for-busines

    The American Scholar
Solitude and Leadership
Apr 01, 2010
William Deresiewicz
"Leadership means finding a new direction, not simply putting yourself at the front of the herd that’s heading toward the cliff.” Deresiewicz is an essayist and critic who taught at Yale for 10 years and sat on the college admissions committee. This is an address he made to the plebe class at West Point in October 2009. 

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