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    Ecuador Court Upholds Chevron Judgment
Nov 13, 2013
Ecuador's highest court upheld a verdict that U.S. oil company Chevron Corp (CVX.N) is responsible for pollution in an Amazon rainforest, but halved the fine imposed in a previous trial to $9.5 billion, a decision the company dismissed as illegitimate...(Click Title to read more)

Harper endorses west-east pipeline; says it will improve energy sales, job market
Aug 02, 2013
Nelson Wyatt
The Keysone XL Pipeline saga goes on...

    Financial Times
Responsible Business: Surviving Harsh Realities of a Downturn
Jul 13, 2013
Rod Newing
All organisations have to cut discretionary expenditure in a downturn. Thus, corporate social responsibility budgets are being cut, departments are being downsized and experts are rewriting their career summaries to focus on different roles.“Projects that help generate consumer demand and/or support marketing are surviving,” says Leo Martin, director of GoodCorporation, advisers on business ethics. “They need to have been well thought out, targeting genuine and easy to identify savings and be low cost. Many grander initiatives with less clear business benefits or longer-term payback have quietly shrunk.”

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