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The Hidden Soul / Dynamic Markets Leadership - The Core: Framework, Concepts, Resources

The Core is the foundation document for the MiniBook Series that is an alternative to the full volumes of The Hidden Soul of Capitalism Through Dynamic Markets Leadership by Lorin James Loverde. The various MiniBooks address specific themes  that give leaders the ability to focus on specific problem areas, or to amplfy and reinforce progress being made, using the tools and principles of Dynamic Markets Leadership. The Core includes the foundational ideas underlying Dynamic Markets Leadership as well as support and resource material such as a comprehensive Glossary and the Bibliography.

The Core is organized to provide an introduction to the extensiveness of the breadth and depth of the entire work. It is designed as an orientation to a new way of framing business issues and approaches,  incorporating emerging understanding of organizational and human dynamics and assumptions different from the past grounded in that new learning. It is offered as a free sample to those interested in exploring the concept of Dynamic Markets and leadership from a larger frame of reference.

Detailed Table Of Contents - Hidden Soul / Dynamic Markets Leadership

A section by section breakout of themes and topics covered in each chapter. Includes a list of Tables and Figures arranged by chapter.

NPC Volumes I.0 and II.0 Bibliography

Bailing Out Wall Street Bonuses

A report compiled by the Institute for Corporate Ethics on the U.S. government provision of funds to selected U.S. investment banks through the Troubled Assets Recovery Act in 2009 that provided for those firm's survival of the financial crisis.

Creating Conditions for Creativity

The Dynamics of Public Trust in Business — Emerging Opportunities for Leaders

This 2009 Institute for Corporate Responsibility report discusses several examples of organizations that have been successful in building trust  and notes that the trend correlates well with businesses striving to make positive social impact a part of how they conduct business.

Ethics Code Compendium

This compendium is an attempt to identify and assemble the most significant and influential ethics codes and other instruments of corporate responsibility. The compendium contains the full text or the most important sections of major codes, briefly introduced where necessary and accompanied by contact details for further information. This compendium is also accompanied by a web site, www.yorku.ca/csr, which succinctly compiles links to all of the major codes in this document.

Projected World Population Growth to 2050

The trajectory of global population growth over the next 25 years is exponential, driven by the growing populations of emerging economies.

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