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NPC Volumes I.0 and II.0 Cover Explanation

by Lorin Loverde I do not know which is more fun: to let people puzzle over the Cover Figure and gradually, over the course of reading the NPC, figure it out for themselves, or to give at least preliminary clarifications.  Let's begin with the space station: it is a planned suburb of Los Angeles, California...(I am - only partially - joking).   Below, on earth, are four buildings (a bit larger than they would be if in actual proportion) to represent some of the prior civilizations; ancient Mayan, Egyptian, Eastern Oriental, and Modernity.   Thus, the fifth construction, the space station, represents our approaching new phase of a planetary culture that is taking the planet with us into Space....(click Title to read more)


Executive Summary of The Hidden Soul of Capitalism Through Dynamic Markets Leadership

The first two volumes of New Planetary Culture (NPC) will analyze and interpret two kinds of world-shaking changes already in process: The first change is hyper-acceleration of innovation based on our past achievements but far in excess of what we have seen in the past;...(Click on Title to read more)


World Scientists' Warning to Humanity

The World Scientists' Warning to Humanity was written and spearheaded by the late Henry Kendall, former chair of the board of directors of the Union of Concerned Scientists, and issued in November 1...

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